Amethyst || Corey Lynn Tucker Photography

When Corey Tucker reached out and said she wanted to do a photo shoot inspired by Jimi Hendrix and Prince, I said, “I’m in!” Firstly, because I love working   Corey and her artistic viewpoint. Secondly, because I grew up in a house where Purple Rain was a favorite album and Jimi Hendrix was an iconic legend to both my mom and dad. As Corey continued to walk me through her vision, I saw a landscape of healing purples and wild prints of the 60’s. My excitement surged through the roof.  My heart sung when I learned she was submitting the photos to a fashion magazine for publication.


Enter make-up artist, Jennifer Giuliani-Colonero of All Dolled Up , jewelry designer, Marian Gaydos, a killer wardrobe, Corey’s new studio space and the shoot was complete.  Corey put together three stylized looks, each showcasing a Marion Gaydos piece. Jennifer’s patience with my makeup rebellious eyes and her spunky humor allowed us all to forget that outside, it was a very cold and blustery February day. A powerful day it was indeed, as the full moon was in Leo, the stars  aligned and the photos were posted in the February edition of Guseppina Magazine.
One of the things I love most about working with Corey is that I still feel like myself when I see the final product. She edits beautifully, yet doesn’t take away things that feel most authentic. My nose is still my nose. Thank goodness, because it’s one of my favorite features. And that beautiful piece of silver hair, something I’ve become quite fond of, still remained. Simply put, she just makes you feel beautiful, with or without makeup. Corey also helps people live out their passions through her photography. Many times, I’ve pictured myself as a glam rocker, shredding on an acoustic guitar. That day, I got to live out a bit of that dream. And who knows what else the universe has in store. Maybe that particular vision will become a reality in real life. Anything is possible with a strong vision.

Corey and Jennifer, thanks for dolling me up, surrounding me in purple majesty and allowing some of my inner bad ass to come out.




  1. I love hearing your side of the story Sabrina. Written and expressed so eloquently! I always wonder what people think and feel when they are getting the royal treatment with hair and make-up and how you feel during the session and end result. I think you covered it all, even down to the full moon! We were all feeling our lioness selves that day. Keep on rockin’ your wonderful self. Love you.

  2. These are so beautiful and trippy and magical!

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