Pinky’s Story

IMG_8349My name is Sabrina Allard. I created Pinky’s Pen back in May of 2010, after taking some unconventional leaps in life. I was striving to create a life where I felt comfortable in my own skin, a place where I could find  self-love and self- acceptance.  In truth, I was really searching to figure out who I was and who I wanted to be. Pinky’s Pen became a place where I could share this exploration with you.

As a little girl, I was given the nickname Pinky, due to the amount of unabashed pink I wore. I was a free-spirited, spunky, and creative kid.  Growing up in the Berkshires ignited flames of creativity, inspiring me to come alive. I had dreams of becoming a performer, dancer, artist, model, teacher, writer, psychologist, and a llama farm owner. There were no limits to who I could be. Instead, at age 31, 10 years out of college, I woke up and found myself sitting in a cubicle, not pursuing a single passion I once had. I had stopped dreaming and felt too talentless to pursue anything I was enthusiastic about.

Life presents us with doors that open and close at the exact times we need it, and after a door swung open to an opportunity to leave my cubicle, Pinky’s Pen came to life. It became the outlet where I sought healing, creative self-expression and started to re-claim those childhood dreams.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

–      Dr. Howard Thurman

It’s a humbling process, re-claiming dreams. It’s one that has fortunately chipped away many layers of myself that just weren’t needed.  Pinky’s Pen began as remembrance of who I once wanted to be. An honoring. It has quickly made a swift change in my lifestyle, allowing me to pursue life more authentically.   


Pinky’s Pen: A place where it’s ok to be you. Where you remember that it’s ok to be human. To love yourself.  A place where you remember to follow your passions. Live out loud. Where you can remember who you are. The real you, not the one you thought you had to be. A place where you can learn to trust your own intuition, just by listening within. A worldwide community of diverse people, interested in pursuing our own passions, and finding more of our most authentic selves in the process.

Some days I call myself a Renaissance woman.  Some days I’m courageous and outspoken. Other days I’m quiet and introverted. Most days I’m just a Human. I’m a mom to two amazing kids, Audrey and Miles, and married to my soulmate, Jay. Together we are creating our world like a painting. Allowing ourselves to put colorful paint on the canvas, revising and re-shaping when needed. Most days I’m chartering new territory within myself, navigating the waters of self love and authenticity. 

IMG_8543At Pinky’s Pen, you’ll find topics that include Self Love, Self Care, Fashion, Personal Empowerment, Art, Dance, Poetry, Photography, Life Enthusiasm, Plant and Animal Connections, Racism, Feminism, Spirituality, Parenthood, and Relationships. 

I believe that we were made to be creative; that we are artists of our own lives. This is where I Consciously Create Enthusiasm.